Making a difference in the life of people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

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Why is treatment important for patients with Multiple Sclerosis?

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“Wellbeing. For many, a wish. For us, a true calling.”

Respuestas Múltiples is a Patient Support Program designed by Synthon-Bagó. One of its main goals is to make a difference in the quality of life of our patients with Multiple Sclerosis, help them undertake the treatments they need, and access available resources to improve their environment.

Patient Support Program

Supporting your treatment

Respuestas Múltiples, the patient support program designed by Synthon-Bagó, consists of a dedicated team of specialists. Some of Synthon-Bagó goals are to make a difference in the life of people with Multiple Sclerosis, help them undergo their treatments, and promote a better quality of life.

This program geared toward the patient with multiple sclerosis started in the year 2011, and currently comprises a large network throughout the country of professionals with various specializations, to widen the scope of our responses.

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